Bank of AJK helpline number or what we also call complaint number which is 05822 921365. You can call 24 hours at any time to solve any of your related problems or to file a complaint. You can also resolve the issue by calling the local office, but if you are not satisfied with the staff.

Bank of AJK Helpline Number, Head Office Muzaffarabad

bank of ajk helpline number

Bank of AJK head office Muzaffarabad contact number is 05288 921254 05822 921181 which will be very helpful to talk directly with the high officials. The address of the main branch is Fatima Plaza, Chatter Domel Muzaffarabad, Pakistan. The benefit of the call on this compliant number is that the problem will be solved within a few hours.

Head Office Address
Fatima Plaza, Chatter Domel Muzaffarabad, Pakistan
Helpline Number05822 921365
Phone/Contact Number: 

05288 921254 05822 921181

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