There is no doubt that Khalid Eye Clinic Karachi is a great hospital for providing medical faculty. If you want to get your treatment in this hospital, you can go to this address 4 Minhaj Ghori Road, Nazimabad No. 4 F, 10/5 Nazimabad, Karachi City. Or you can call this contact number or phone number 021-36602527 to get an appointment and report information from your related doctor.

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The hospital is considered a state-of-the-art institution in the area. But if you are also interested in this hospital and its staff, we will definitely benefit from your feedback.

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Khalid Eye Clinic Karachi Details

 Hospital Address
4 Minhaj Ghori Rd, Nazimabad No. 4 F, 10/5 Nazimabad, Karachi City
Phone/Contact Number:021 36602527