There is no doubt that Khalid Family Hospital Zafarwal is a great hospital for providing medical faculty. If you want to get your treatment in this hospital, you can go to this address Narowal Road, Narowal, Zafarwal, Punjab. Or you can call this contact number or phone number  0304-1383121 0331 1425101 to get an appointment and report information from your related doctor.

hospital contact phone address

The hospital is a very good institution that aims to ensure the provision of quality medical treatment to the residents of the area. The hospital is considered a state-of-the-art institution in the area. 

You can also visit the Zeeshan Poly Clinic.

Khalid Family Hospital Zafarwal Details

 Hospital Address
Narowal Road, Narowal, Zafarwal, Punjab
Phone/Contact Number: 0304-1383121 0331 1425101