Afzal Electronics Faisalabad Contact Number, All Branches


In today’s post, we will provide you Afzal Electronics Faisalabad Contact Number and all the information related to it. You can call on this phone number to discuss your problem or issue as well as can get all information about041-2412296-97. Anyone who wants to know their address can visit on this address Kotwali Road, Santpura, Faisalabad.

 afzal electronics faisalabad contact number

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Afzal Electronics Faisalabad Contact Number

Head Office Address
Kotwali Road, Santpura, Faisalabad
Phone/Contact Number041-2412296-97
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Afzal Electronics Peshawar contact number details are here.

Afzal Electronics Faisalabad Contact Number details of other branches are as under.

Afzal Electronics Main Satiana Road

Address: 677-B Main Satiana Rd, Suhail Abad Batala Colony, Faisalabad
Contact Number: 041-8548300-400

Afzal Electronics Circular Road Faisalabad

Address: Circular Road Faisalabad
Contact Number: 041-2600143-144

Afzal Electronics D Type Colony Faisalabad

Address: D Type Colony Road, D Type Colony, Faisalabad
Contact Number: 041-2663264-265

Afzal Electronics Bakar Mandi Road

Address: Afzal Electronics Bakar Mandi Road Afghanabad, Faisalabad
Contact Number: 041-2400124

Afzal Electronics Millat Chowk Faisalabad

Address: Millat Road, Millat Chowk, Faisalabad
Contact Number: 041-8813936-37

Afzal Electronics Abdullah Pul

Address: Afzal Electronics Abdullah Pul Abdullahpur, Faisalabad
Contact Number: 041-8540244-33

Afzal Electronics Madan Pura Razabad

Address: Afzal Electronics Madan Pura Razabad, Faisalabad
Contact Number: 041-2691130-40

Afzal Electronics Opposite Fmu Faisalabad

Address: Allied Morr, Dr. Tusi Road, Opposite FMU Faisalabad
Contact Number: 041-8782223-24

Afzal Electronics Jaranwala Road

Address: Qabarstan Mor, Jaranwala Road, P-4 Faisalabad
Contact Number: 041-8544600-700

Afzal Electronics Misaqul Mall Faisalabad

Address: Lahore – Sheikhupura – Faisalabad Road, Misaqul Mall, Faisalabad
Contact Number: 041-8506222-21

Afzal Electronics Jhang Road, Faisalabad

Address: Masjid Tawakalia Rizvia, Jhang Road, Faisalabad
Contact Number: 041-2656524-25

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