Aga Khan Health Centre Ghizer Contact Number, Address


“If you want to go to Aga Khan Health Centre Ghizer for treatment of yourself or any of your relatives. So we have given you the address of this hospital which is as follows  Gupis, district Ghizer, Pakistan. If you want to get any related information from doctors or hospital before you go, call on this phone number and contact number 05814 455046.

hospital contact phone address

It will be very helpful for other patients who want to get treatment from this hospital. How did the staff of this hospital and the doctors behave? and also how do you feel about the quality of medical facilities? 

Click on this link to get more info about the Aasia Iqbal Hospital.

Aga Khan Health Centre Ghizer Details

 Hospital Address
 Gupis, district Ghizer, Pakistan
Phone/Contact Number:05814 455046

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