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In today’s post, we will provide you Master Tiles contact number and all the information related to it. You can call on this phone number to discuss your problem or issue as well as can get all the information 055-4272770, 4272779, 055-111-300-400, 0345 6629066. Anyone who wants to know their address can visit this address SHAFIQ SONS MASTER TILES & CERAMICS INDUSTRIES LTD G.T. Road, Gujranwala, Pakistan.

Master Tiles Contact Number Information

master tiles contact number

Master Tiles Contact Number

Head Office AddressSHAFIQ SONS MASTER TILES & CERAMICS INDUSTRIES LTD G.T. Road, Gujranwala, Pakistan

Master Tiles Contact Number 

055-4272770, 4272779, 055-111-300-400, 0345 6629066
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Master Tiles Contact Number AZAD KASHMIR

Madina Sanitary Store

Contact: 0346-5496451

Address: Chack Sawari, Azad Kashmir

Taps & More

Contact person: Wasif Hafeez

Contact: 0300-5175754


Ishfaq Sanitary Store 

Contact: 03006809409-3006809404


Karachi Pipe Store

Contact: 0301-6466131


Master Shop

Contact: 0301-3111714

Al-Fareed Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-8687206

Aisa Tile

Contact: 0300-8685480

Munawer Sanitary Store

Contact: 0321-5737184

World Class

Contact: 0303-5888921


G.M Traders

Contact: 0333-4148479


Al-Hameed Sanitary Store

Contact: 0342-6966812


Zohib Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-6904986

Mughal Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-6930054

Sajid Sanitary Store

Contact: 0307-4720399


Lal-Pur Sanitary Store

Contact: 0308-6963671


Indus Tile

Contact: 0334-2524042

Master Tiles Contact Number  DERA ISMAIL KHAN

Rehmat Sanitary Store

Contact: 0330-6196970

Zeeshan Sanitary Store

Contact: 0345-9129192

Pareghal Sanitary Store

Contact: 0346-6126162

Gull Sanitary Store

Contact: 0316-9877176

Al-Bashar Sanitary Store

Contact: 0346-9135300

Luqman Sanitary Store

Contact: 0314-8484867

Tawakal Sanitary Store

Contact: 0342-9687359


Hameed Sanitary Store

Contact: 0321-9696000

Address: Railway Road, Faisalabad

Unique Marbles

Contact: 0302-3975579

Address: Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad

SM Tile

Contact: 0333-2627772

Address: Railway Road, Faisalabad

Farooq Traders

Contact: 0300-7623699

Address: Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad

Jalander TilesContact: 0321-8669031

Address: Sumandri Road, Faisalabad

Home Tiles

Contact: 0300-9669281

Address: Susan Road, Madina Town, Faisalabad

Akbar Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-9659275


Pak Hardwair

Contact: 0300-7957694

Master Tiles Contact Number  GUJRAT

Fazal Sanitary Store

Contact: 0321-6221003


Salman Sanitary Store

Contact: 0345-8448587


Afzal Sanitary Store

Contact: 0303-3434234


Saleem Sanitary Store

Contact: 0321-3003595

Khatmi Traders

Contact: 0300-3017927

Master Tiles Contact Number  ISLAMABAD

R.K Trading Corporation

Contact Person: M. Riaz Bhatti

Contact: 0323-5007551 / 0331-5825445

Waris Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-5008645

Address: G-8, Islamabad

Abid n Co.

Contact: 0344-5464323

Address: G-13, Islamabad

Al Rehman Pipes & Sanitary Store

Contact Person: M. Waris

Contact: 0300-5008645 / 0321-4962652

Address: I&T Center, Islamabad

Wali Traders

Contact Person: M. Ayyub

Contact: 0321-6959253

Address: Near DHA Phase 2, Islamabad

Abbas Traders

Contact Person: Tanveer Abbas

Contact: 0345-5303064 / 03108485858


Sanitary Store and Tiles

Contact Person: M. Saleem

Contact: 0321-8512412 / 0333-5829901

Address: Tanki Wali Ground Near Commerce

College, Bilal Town, Jehlum

Master Tiles Contact Number  KARACHI

Contact Person: Ikramudien

Contact: 0313-1175600 / 0300-3559884

Mr. Fiaz ud Din.

0333-2197850, 0313-1175600 / 0300-3559884

Master Tiles Contact Number  Lahore

Madina Tiles & Sanitary

Contact: 03214464708

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

H-F Traders

Contact: 042-37570786

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Noshahi Qadri Sanitary Store

Contact: 0313-4935618 / 0345-4694450

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Zishaan Traders

Contact: 0300-4941931 / 0303-4743738

Address: Johar Town, Lahore

Wyne Corporation

Contact: 03146803366

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Hajvery Sanitary Store

Contact: 0321-4339987

Address: Walton Road, Lahore

Lahore Tiles

Contact: 0300-4521252 / 0300-5544754

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Lahore Tiles & Sanitary

Contact: 0322-4631689,

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Bin Ashfaq 

Contact: 0300-4100465

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Umar Sanitary Store

Contact: 0321-4949311 / 0321-7267233

Address: Shalimar Link Road, Lahore

H.M Sons

Contact: 0300-2350525, 0312-2383991

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Aziz Hameed 

Contact: 0321-4351400

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Khurram Sanitary Store 

Contact: 0321-9447327

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Ansari Sons 

Contact: 0321-9424167 / 0321-2122162

Address: Galaxy Center, Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Jalandhar Sanitary Store  

Contact: 0333-4386404 / 0322-4464583

Address: Township, Lahore

Arif Sanitary Store

Contact: 0301-4446368 / 0321-4100304

Address: Model Town, Lahore

Shaukat Sanitary Store

Contact: 0321-4310934

Address: Saddar Bazar, Lahore

Tile Zone

Contact: 0321-4131503

Address: Main Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Bhatti Sanitary Wares

Contact: 0300-4191895

Address: Galaxy Cinema, Ferozpur

Road, Lahore

Floor Masters

Contact: 0321-4194400, 0321-4319177

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Tariq & Aslam Trading Co

Contact: 0302-4332334

Address: Shah Jamal, Lahore

Marhaba Tiles & Sanitary Fitting

Contact: 0321-4040928

Address: Mian Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Abu Yousaf Traders

Contact: 0322-4392410

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

AL- Raheem Traders

Contact: 0322-4702287

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Shahzad Hammad Traders

Contact person: Arif Aslam

Contact: 0321-4782856

Address: Circular Road, Lahore

Ahmed Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-8492597

Address: Walton Road, Lahore

Idrees Bros Sanitary Store

Contact: 042-37425345

Address: Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Saeed Brothers

Contact: 0333-4383895

A.M Sanitary Store

Contact: 0308-4478825


Al-Kareem Tile

Contact: 0300-6746392


Subhan Lateef

Contact: 0300-8685480

Al-Makkah Sanitary Store

Contact: 0301-7440838


National Sanitary Store

Contact: 0345-5470905

Address: Mirpur

Kashmir Sanitary Store

Contact: 0342-5606104

Address: Kotli Road, Mirpur

Al-Wahid Sanitary Store

Contact: 0341-6222212

Address: Kotli Road, Mirpur

Master Tiles Contact Number  MULTAN

A_A Sanitary Store

Contact: 0333-6241830


Contact: 0300-6303561

United Sanitary Store

Contact: 0314-6130404

H.M Sons

Contact: 0332-1637500

Serajiya Sanitary Store

Contact: 03008-630029

H.M Sons

Contact: 0332-1637500

G-M Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-6304428

New National Sanitary Store

Contact: 0306-6966671

Shafeeq Sanitary Store

Contact: 03018630567-03156187970


Khawaja Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-6082651

Shareef Sanitary Store

Contact: 0332-7654002

Mughal Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-6091505

Mianwali Sanitary Store

Contact: 0346-6007002


Wattan Corporation

Contact: 0300-770326


Faizan Sanitary Store

Contact: 0315-8133129


Abdul Gafoor

Contact: 0340-3542583

Al-Madeena Sanitary Store

Contact: 0333-6964161

Al-Raheen Sanitary Store

Contact: 0323-6975038

Shafeeq Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-6971683


Golden Sanitary Store

Contact: 0302-6944604


Tayyaba Traders

Contact: 0333-5598148


Jhooley Laal Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-8316803

Master Tiles Contact Number  RAWALPINDI

Jamil n Co.

Contact: 03225007553

Address: Murree Road, Rawalpindi

Naeem Brothers

Contact: 0322-5007554

Address: Murree Road, Rawalpindi

Abbas Traders

Contact: 0310-8485858

Address: DHA Phase-2, Rawalpindi

Jamil Corporation

Contact: 0322-5944442

Address: Murree Road, Rawalpindi

Super Asia Sanitary Store

Contact: 0341-6222212

Address: Dhadiyal Azad Kashmir

Address: Shop 5, Nadir Plaza, Rawalpindi

Abid & Company

Contact Person: Abid Hussain

Contact: 051-2301344 / 0344-5464323

Address: Timber Market, Pasroor


Nayab Sanitary Store

Contact: 0309-7905416

Abdullah Sanitary Store

Contact: 0334-1248424

Cholistan Pipe Store

Contact: 0300-8679990

City Tile

Contact: 0306-8024911


Haji Akbar

Contact: 0301-6904645

Sahiwal Traders

Contact: 0321-6900570

Moon Marble 

Contact: 0310-8809560


Aslam Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-4121351

Address: Railway Road, Shakargarh

Seth Mubarak Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-8487317

Address: Kacheri Chowk, Shakargarh

Gulzar Bhatti Sanitary Store

Contact: 0302-6322291

Address: Kacheri Chowk, Shakargarh

Pakistan Sanitary Store

Contact: 0303-4739247

Jameel Sanitary Store & Hardware

Contact Person: M. Jameel

Contact:0305-9326612, 0302-5140923

Address: Narowal Road, Nurkot Cantt

Sheraz Sanitary Store

Contact Person: M. Ehtisham

Contact: 0300-7768411

Address: Zafarwal Road, Shakargarh

Faizan Traders

Contact Person: Mirza Iftikhar Ali

Contact: 0300-6146750 / 0342-6146750

Address: Timber Market, Pasroor

Haji Ahmed Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-7134493

Address: Near Cantt Nurkot


Karachi Pipe Store

Contact: 0300-7167755


Usman Sanitary Store

Contact: 0300-9675741


Akram Sanitary Store

Contact: 0302-7724059

Masood Aslam Sanitary Store

Contact: 0343-7272029

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